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Does boxing get you lean ?

Posted by Stephen Petrillo on December 9, 2014

The biggest miss conception girls have with doing boxing classes is they think they are going to get bulky or big because they see a heavy weight boxers on the media who are very muscular, but this muscularity is not from boxing it is from the specific weights and strength training they do. Boxing alone […]

What are the benefits of skipping rope

Posted by Stephen Petrillo on February 1, 2014

Skipping has recently been discovered to be one of the best exercises producing more benefits than any other exercise alone, its a wonder why only boxers used this as a form of training. The benefits of skipping: Weight Loss Calorie burn of 70 – 110 per 10 minutes. Increase Bone density. Timing and Reflexes. Increased Cardiovascular […]

Body Maintenance and Injury Prevention.

Posted by Stephen Petrillo on September 11, 2013

As I always stress to my clients, body maintenance is just as important as the training itself. If you do not look after your body and injuries you will be unable to train or lead a long healthy life, being unable to train brings all kinds of health problems. Do not leave injuries unattended assuming just because […]

What Is Cross Fit?

Posted by Stephen Petrillo on August 31, 2013

Well being cross fit is the result of cross training in the disciplines of various sports. Cross Fit then combines some of the techniques and skills used in these sports with other functional fitness moves to create a series of challenges against time which then from a sport, Cross Fit is growing and becoming more […]

Overhead Squats

Posted by Stephen Petrillo on August 28, 2013

  The overhead squat is definitely also a runner for the top 10 best exercise awards and takes out exercise of the Month hands down ! If you thought regular Squats was the mother of all exercise think again and try overhead squats and front squats to develop core and stability through your entire body including […]

Deadlift all the Rage

Posted by Stephen Petrillo on August 24, 2013

Ok so want to do an exercise that increases strength and produces real world power then deadlifts are the go and all the rage at the moment, but also an exercise which cannot be rushed by rushed I mean trying to lift really heavy before you have developed 100% technique. Start slowly and take your […]