Fitness 33

Body Maintenance and Injury Prevention.

Jovtchev_jordanAs I always stress to my clients, body maintenance is just as important as the training itself. If you do not look after your body and injuries you will be unable to train or lead a long healthy life, being unable to train brings all kinds of health problems. Do not leave injuries unattended assuming just because the pain has gone that the injury is gone there as there are so many underlining issues within the muscles, joints, fascia and ligaments that are complex and related which can lead to further long term problems even if they  seemed small at the time.

Your training life cycle will depend on how well you maintain your body and look after injuries as I have mentioned, this being just as important as the training itself. Drive your body into the ground and have poor body maintenance and you will  find out very quickly how short your training life cycle will be.    

The Body has its own mechanisms when dealing with injuries and although you may sometimes feel that you have made a recovery it can just be that your body has made compensations for the traumatized area elsewhere in your body  thus placing more stress and pressure in other parts of your body now. Your muscles, ligaments, joints and connective tissue are all interrelated and connected so it can be very likely that a slight compression in the ankle will then cause you lower back problems even though the ankle now feels fine. Most people automatically assume that the area of pain or inflammation is also the area of trauma or the area requiring treatment especially with joint pain which can usually stem from connecting muscle groups which may have suffered strains.  

Through years of working very closely with practitioners in the areas of soft tissue injuries and also through endless personal experiences in vast amount of injuries of my own over the years I have grasped some knowledge and learned through mistakes the relationship of good body maintenance and how to best preserve a long training life cycle so that I can continue to train for many years to come and benefit from the results that come with it.    


Methods to keep a well maintained and functioning body and muscles:

1) Ice Injuries in the first 48hrs. 

2) Mineral Salt Baths. 

3) Regular Massages.  

4) Do not leave any injury untreated no matter how small you may think it is.

5)  Stay well Hydrated.

6) Always seek professional advice.

7) Keep a strong positive mind set. 

8) Get good rest ( sound sleep 7 to 8 hrs a night )  

9) Magnesium Supplement