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Does boxing get you lean ?


The biggest miss conception girls have with doing boxing classes is they think they are going to get bulky or big because they see a heavy weight boxers on the media who are very muscular, but this muscularity is not from boxing it is from the specific weights and strength training they do.

Boxing alone without the weights and strength training has the opposite affect on your body it actually gives you a leaner and slender physique, its a high repetitious, high energy and cardio workout that works the entire body especially the mid section and legs making it the ultimate workout.

Looking for something new, challenging and fun to add or start your fitness regime then learn the Art of Boxing. Get down to our Studio for a variety of boxing classes offered that you will enjoy or enquirer about some personal training with a registered boxing coach Stephen Petrillo to learn the fundamentals to fast track your learning.

Training at Fitness 33 is conducted in a fun professional studio, non confrontational and none of the ego or aggression that may be found in some clubs.

Peace !

**EXCLUSIVE** BEAUTIFUL BOXER - Adriana Lima keeps her sexy figure in shape by attended a boxing session with Dino Spencer in MiamiAdriana Lima as well as other Victoria Secret models who love to box, are dedicated and train hard regularly in their boxing sessions.




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