Fitness 33

Fight Fit


What You Will Learn
  • Core strengthening and stability exercise
  • Body weight exercises
  • Kettle bell techniques
What to Bring
  • Towel
What to Wear
  • Appropriate sportswear and footwear
About This Course

Functional Fitness and Total Body Conditioning workouts suitable for all. Sessions focus on all elements of fitness such as cardiovascular, strength, muscular endurance, core and stability. Classes are a total core strengthening and conditioning class with functional and high interval training combined into a 60min workout. A Dynamic and explosive workout that is never the same each session Specific areas that are covered in these sessions include.

  • Correct performance and technique of basic body weight exercises such as Squats, Wall Holds, Planks, Burpees and now the ever popular MMA sprawls.
    Total body core strengthening exercises and workouts.
    Kettle Bell exercises.
  • Correct use of Functional and cross fit equipment such as Battle ropes, Steps, Wall Ball, Ladders and Rings.
  • Because if your not Fight Fit you are not Fit.
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