Fitness 33

Machines 33

What You Will Learn
  • Perform functional fitness, core strengthening and body weight exercises.
  • A sound understanding of the correct techniques used on heavy bag, speed ball and floor to ceiling ball.
  • To skip rope like a boxer.
What to Bring
  • Boxing Gloves and Hand Wraps
What to Wear
  • Appropriate sportswear and footwear
Machine 33

Boxing Classes are designed and focused on giving people the highest intensity workout so they can attain the best results.Classes are suitable for anyone wanting to get super fit and learn the skills, techniques and methods of one of the most demanding sports in the world which can then be applied to any fitness regime and weight loss program. Boxing training has been used as a form of fitness to get people from all walks of life into shape and leading healthier and better lives.

Covering all aspects of training including.

  • How to prepare & protect your hands with the correct gloves and hand wrapping techniques so you can train hard and safe.
  • Various skipping techniques.
  • Punching technique and combinations on heavy bag, speed ball and floor to ceiling ball.
  • Basic footwork
  • Conditioning and strengthening exercises including speed work and various drills.

You can get your own set of commercial grade Sting boxing gloves and hand wraps supplied and fitted in various colours when you start.

  • Entry level gloves with hand wraps only $49
  • Intermediate gloves with hand wraps only $69
  • Top of the range 10 oz to 16 oz with hand wraps $99
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