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What Is Cross Fit?


Well being cross fit is the result of cross training in the disciplines of various sports. Cross Fit then combines some of the techniques and skills used in these sports with other functional fitness moves to create a series of challenges against time which then from a sport, Cross Fit is growing and becoming more popular but to me it seems to cater for a specific person or athlete rather than someone who is just looking to start a fitness program due to its intense nature but in saying this im sure some boxes ( Cross Fit Studios ) are more accommodating. Cross fit is a term that has been used in the fitness industry for decades derived from the result of training in various disciplines and sports.

A little like how UFC and MMA has formed over the years combining different fighting styles such as boxing, wrestling, thai boxing and Jujitsu as well as many other arts and disciplines  into a new sport not that this is really anything new either. Bruce Lee being the best ever and first true Mixed Martial Artist way back in the 60,s . MMA is only now becoming more recognized and turned into a sport. That is how advanced Bruce Lee was in his philosophies, methodology and training back then. Cross fit and UFC Just another great American innovation really, but nothing really new.

Cross Fit training sessions coming available soon to Fitness 33,  not that we haven’t already been practicing the disciplines used in cross fit here for years but also having combined with boxing to create the ultimate workouts. b2