Fitness 33

The 6am Club

6amclubThe 6am Club is more than just your average Boot Camp!

What You Will Learn
  • Build a strong running foundation.
  • Boxing Skills and Technique
  • Strength, Core and Functional Fitness techniques and skills.
What You Get
  • 5 x 6am Club session per week
  • 1 x Class pass per week for the evening sessions including Yoga
  • Plus: 1 x 60min Personal Training session for the 8 of 12 Week option.
What to Bring
  • Towel
  • Drink Bottle
What to Wear
  • Appropriate sportswear and footwear inc. sunscreen for outdoor training.


The 6AM CLUB is a highly motivated group that commits to early morning group fitness sessions.

The 6AM Club covers all aspects of fitness with indoor and outdoor sessions including running sessions, strength conditioning, cardio, HiiT and boxing. This making it the complete fitness program and separates the 6AM CLUB from the rest through the variety and diversity in training offered to the 6AM Club participants in each in of the different session. We leave no stone left un turned when it comes to the 6AM Club fitness program as we also have the ability to run the sessions indoors at our fully equipped city studio if the weather is bad.

Be part of this exclusive club set yourself a goal and commit to 3 early mornings a week and you will see the changes and results.

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